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AYSAF proved its global power once again

Turkey’s unique, Eurasia’s largest exhibition on footwear components, AYSAF, concluded the 64th edition successfully. Buyers from all over the world took part in the exhibition with more than 300 companies, which resulted in trade worth billions of dollars. Showing a 10% rise in the number of international visitors compared to the last edition, the exhibition presented cutting-edge products and technologies dedicated to the industry. 
One of the solid gatherings for the footwear industry, AYSAF - International Exhibition for Footwear Materials, Components, Leather and Technologies, greeted exhibitors and visitors with a set of measures taken under the new “return to normal” criteria. Organized by CNR Holding subsidiary, Pozitif Trade Fairs, the 64th edition of the industry welcomed thousands of visitors from all over the world at CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center for 4 days. The organization introduced cutting-edge products and technologies dedicated to the industry. 
Business connections worth billions of dollars 
Accelerating manufacturing as a consequence of the alleviation of the pandemic conditions, the global footwear industry enabled the footwear components industry to revive. This economic vibrancy took the stage at AYSAF while the industry, with an economic size of 150 billion dollars throughout the world, cultivated new business connections worth billions of dollars. The center of the footwear components industry, the exhibition, showed a 10% rise in the number of international visitors compared to the last edition and provided major support for not only export but also import activities through the international exhibiting companies intending to sell products to Turkish buyers. 
Visitors flocking to the exhibition proves the vibrancy in the industry 
Over 300 companies presented their cutting-edge products at the exhibition, welcoming thousands of visitors from countries, including Ukraine, Egypt, Nigeria, Iran, Russia, Syria, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, India, Lebanon, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Palestine, Romania, Germany, Iraq, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Greece, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Turkmenistan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the USA, Zambia, Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Georgia, Italy, Jordan, Macedonia, and Morocco. The powerful brands of the Turkish footwear components represented the footwear components industry at the exhibition, which introduced all the innovative products dedicated to the industry ranging from accessories and textile products to lasts, soles, heels, molds, chemicals, finished and semi-finished raw leather, artificial leather, and leather processing machinery.