• 66th International Exhibition for Footwear Materials, Components, Leather and Technologies
  • 1-4 June 2022
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Footwear components industry steps up for records with Aysaf

The new type Coronavirus emerging in China has brought traveling and manufacturing restrictions to many countries, particularly the Far East. At this very stage, health policies that the Ministry of Health has been managing properly have turned Turkey into a safe trade hub in nearly all the business lines, particularly the footwear components industry. 
The footwear components market in the Far East and Europe have had major problems in manufacturing and transport, which has resulted in the emergence of new international demands for the Turkish footwear components industry in the short and long terms. A great number of global markets, mainly the USA and the EU countries, has focused on providing their needs for the footwear components industry from Turkey, which manufactures quickly and does not have any transportation problem. 
While the world and Turkey are undergoing these incidents, it is expected the footwear components industry, which will display products at AYSAF, to boom in export. Uniting all the industry-related technologies and products including soles, lasts, heels, accessories, textiles, chemicals, leather-artificial leather machinery, and raw material products with domestic and international buyers, the exhibition is also reshaping the trade network of the global footwear components industry. 
AYSAF - International Exhibition for Footwear Materials, Components, Leather and Technologies will be organized at the center of global trade, CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center, between November 18-21. Take your place at AYSAF to establish new international business connections and boost your export rate.