• 66th International Exhibition for Footwear Materials, Components, Leather and Technologies
  • 1-4 June 2022
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Aysaf, the foremost trading platform for Leather and Leather Machinery

Turkey has become the safest hub for trade and health among the European countries, which has positively affected the footwear components industry along with numerous industries. It has strengthened the hands of the Turkish manufacturers when trade competitors have lost their power particularly in providing and manufacturing raw materials of the footwear components industry. The business loss in the European footwear components industry has turned AYSAF into the foremost trading platform in the world and offered great opportunities for the exhibiting companies. 
Uniting the “Turkish Leather and Leather Machinery” industry with international buyers, AYSAF exhibitors will not yield any loss in 2020. The Turkish footwear components industry, which is expected to export more than its targets for this year, will attain all its trade targets through AYSAF, standing out as the most significant footwear components industry exhibition in Turkey and worldwide. 
All the innovative products from finished and semi-finished products of the “Leather and Leather Machinery” industry, which is one of the most important product groups at AYSAF, to raw leather, artificial leather, and leather processing machinery will come together with buyers from all over the world at AYSAF -  International Exhibition for Footwear Materials, Components, Leather and Technologies, organized at CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center between November 18-21.